your first time will suck
Hello everyone. Hope ya’ll are doing and feeling great?
Today is the beginning of something new and exciting in my life. Today is the first time I share “publicly” my very first YouTube video.
Yes! I did it! I filmed “awkwardly” in front of a camera, lol. But it was worth it, I tell you that much.
Here’s the thing, I struggled. I was scared. I doubted myself. I could only see the reasons why I shouldn’t start a YouTube channel. I was blinded to “why” I should start my YouTube channel.
It was a huge fight. A fight in my mind. A fight with the “invisible” and so called fear. The fear of starting.
What would people say? How will I look on camera? Oh, I wonder what my voice will sound like. My goodness, will people watch? How do I even edit my videos? Oh Lord, what about filming? And quality? πŸ˜”
I asked myself so many questions I couldn’t possibly have the answers to….except I DO.
And then a friend said something mean to me, “Your first video will suck, so go ahead and do it anyway”.Β 
How dare he? Right? But he was right! My first video will suck, because practice makes perfect. The more action I take, the better I get. And when I look back at my first work, it will look like trash to me, due to the experience I have harnessed thus far, and that’s why your first time will suck.
So suck it up and JUST DO IT!
Here are four tips to help you take ACTION:
1) Break your goals down: Yes you have an amazing goal, but what do you do daily to make that goal come to fruition? What minor tasks are you doing to reach that goal? You have to set MINOR goals in order to reach the MAJOR goal.
2) Set deadlines: Give your self a task and then set a reasonable time frame you’ll need to complete that task. It makes you focus until you’re done with the task. And trust me, you’ll feel accomplished.
3) Have an accountability partner: Have someone that can help you track your progress. Someone that knows what your goals are and is willing to help you see them through. Someone you know you will listen to. It could be one person or even a group of people who come together to help keep each other on track. Don’t have one? Why not set up a group today? 😊
4) YOUR MIND: Noticed I wrote that in capital letter? YOUR MIND is the most important tool here. You have to be willing to push yourself to get to where you want to be. We all want to be successful but not everyone is willing to move out of their comfort zone. Leave your comfort zone today. Set up your mind for greatness.
I hope these tips help you out in starting up that project you’ve been pushing aside for so long.
Here’s my first YouTube video. Enjoy:

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