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Finally the day has arrived. It’s been a mixture of feelings – anxious, excited, nervous, elated. There ain’t no turning back now.

So here it is, My Inspirational Jewelry Line and Jaw-dropping website (Yes, I know it is).

Let me break down each section of my site to you.


This page contains short cuts to other pages on the site. This is also where you can sign up to my newsletterSigning up will give you the chance to get notifications of any promotions, offers or giveaways I will have in the future.


Obviously a page that’s about me and why I do what I do. It gives you a little glimpse about who I am. Click here to find out about me.


Now this is a must click. As you may or may not know by now, I have a jewelry line, not your regular jewelry but an inspirational jewelry line. I’d love to go into all the details of why I started this but you’ll fine all that here

My Jewelry is not about me but about you, in fact it’s about all of us. A piece to keep you going no matter how hard things get. So, do make sure to head to the shop page to get a piece for yourself and a loved one. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


My first baby. Started blogging at the beginning of the year and I must say, it’s been amazing so far. I write about relationships, celibacy (I know right?) and everything in between. I’ve heard my writing is super amazing and engaging, so definitely stick around for that.


Now this is a breath of fresh air. I’ll upload daily motivational quotes on here – You saw that right, DAILY. So everyday make sure you stop by to get that early morning boost. Sometimes we don’t even realize we need some boost or motivation until we get it. There’s just something about reading, listening or watching something can could change the course of your day. To ensure you don’t miss this, make sure to subscribe to my site.


There are several you can work with me. We could work on a project together (collaborate), maybe you’re a fellow blogger and you’d like us to work together and make magic happen? Have a product you’ll like me to review and reveal and my site? or you want to place an ad on my website (where thousands of people can see what you have to offer)? Then contact me.


That’s it! But of course, as I grow and evolve so will my website and everything included. I’m super excited for this new journey.

Please SUBSCRIBE to my site and SHOP some inspirational jewelries. If not for yourself then for someone you care about or both. Have a fabulous week.