We need a manhood revolution.

A very high percentage of men in our society are becoming slaves!

When did being a smart, masculine, spiritual thinker become a thing to be ashamed of?

Where are the strong men? Where are the spiritually minded men? Where are our kings?

Ask any guy around you who they want to be in the future. – Go on, Ask!

I’m pretty sure most will say something like this “I wanna be able to take care of my family, be the man of the house/breadwiner, etc.

But how can you ascend the throne with a slave mentality? You want to be kings but you think like slaves! How on earth do you expect that to happen? Sticking with your slave mentality will do nothing but hold you back from being who you want and should be!

God never gives thrones to slaves. He reserves thrones for kings.

Guys!!!! Men!!! Boys!!! You have to stop being so damn easy. So easy to be swayed into bed, so easy to get your attention with a mere dress.

We always tell girls to keep themselves, to value their body and their dignity but I believe it’s high time we start to lecture the men as well. Where is your dignity man?

Stop being so quick and fast to present a woman with the opportunity to sample your scepter before you even establish whether or not she’s worthy to share in your power.

You as a man, are a powerful being, I mean, you are a King! You’ve got great power flowing in you but do you ever pause for a minute to ask yourself “who will I share this power with?”  Whoever you’re sharing your scepter with is your queen. So before you share your scepter again with any lady, ask yourself, is she worthy enough to be my queen? And as a King that you are, ask yourself “Is this the right time to share my scepter with her?” – We all know what scepter is right? 😃

Don’t be the type who goes around dispensing his power in different hotel rooms, laying down his manhood for instant gratification. Kings do not succumb. Many of you would be great in life if you valued your penis more than you do now.

If you are familiar with traditional movies – for me, it’s Korean drama – you’ll know that a king usually looks to marry a woman with a powerful background. What do you look for in your queen? – Go on and right that down.

Now, do you possess half of your listed criteria? Are you the kind of man a woman like that would desire to be with?
Remember the story of Esau and Jacob? I wonder how many men are selling their birth right to be Kings over a bowl of sex-soup.

As a man, possess your body in honor.

You all are kings! Know your worth and walk proudly in it.

Fellas, don’t recklessly offer up your seed to a woman without determining if she is worth it or not. Most do it backwards; offer up their seeds first (all in the name of pleasure) before considering if she’s worth it – and by now, you’ve already run the risk of impregnating her.

It’s time men take a step back, think, breathe and start valuing their seeds for its worth.


I love you all.