1 Thing Everyone Needs To Do.



Guess who’s back!!!

I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time and I’m sorry for staying away for so long. Took some much needed break but I’m back and absolutely better.

Saying better doesn’t mean I wasn’t good enough before, it just means I’ve invested more into myself and I’m better than I was a month ago, heck, even better than I was yesterday. 

Working on yourself is the best thing you’ll ever do, the one thing you always carry around everywhere you go is You.

Every new level of your life requires a new you – or should I say, an upgraded you.

There’s so much to share with you guys, I’m really excited for what the future holds. Just make sure to stay glued to this space (subscribe) so you don’t miss the amazing things coming. 💃

We’ll continue our chat in the next post, for now, let’s go ahead with the main article for today.


Some months back I watched a video on Facebook which gave me the inspiration for this post. Immediately I watched the video I saved a draft titled “1 thing everyone needs to do” and finally today I decided to write my take on the video, I’ll be sure to include the link of the video below.



Yes, as simple as that.

In a video clip posted by Hicham Benner on facebook, Steve Harvey said “If you want to be successful, you have to JUMP”.

Jumping is an important leap that has to be taken at least once in someone’s life. We all have dreams, aspirations, desires, goals and visions for our future. But most times what prevents most of us from jumping is fear, Fear of “the unknown”. Fear of “what would people say?”. Fear of “Can I really do this?”. Fear of “losing what you have now no matter how small it is”. Fear of “Failure”.

And so what? And so what if you fail? So what if people say things about your new venture? So what if success seems so far fetched! I tell you now that there’s a huge possibility that what you want to jump towards will fail or will take a while to yeild results but the good news is, YOU WENT FOR IT! Do you know what price you get for Jumping? More knowledge, More Strength. More Courage and Bravery to Jump into many more adventures. And as Steve Harvey put it, your parachute will open!

Jumping is the only way out of your situation.

Jumping is the only thing that can get you what you want.

Jumping is the only thing that can set you free.


Jumping doesn’t come in handy in just business, it comes into play in every area our lives. Been wanting to tell your partner you want to give celibacy a try? Go ahead. Want to confess how you feel to someone? Or thinking of starting a project dear to your heart? Then go ahead and jump my love!

If you jump and end up on stony grounds, that’s okay. Next time you’ll know the location of the bed of roses.

Not jumping will keep you safe but you’ll never soar.


It’s a new month guys, don’t hesitate to jump. Leave a comment “JUMP” as a sign of commitment to jump even though you can’t see where you’re gonna land.



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Click on this link to watch the video.