dentist appointment

Hey my loves. Hope everyone’s doing good? I’m doing quite well myself.

Can you remember your first teeth cleaning appointment? Well I definitely remember mine because it happened only recently and it was filmed! Yay….

I cleaned my teeth for the first time a week ago and it was cool I must say. The scraping, toothpaste in my mouth and some sort of “powdery stuffs” flying over my face, wearing weird googles.

I must say, it was pretty cool lying on the bench and the most horrifying part was spitting out all the dirt when the dentist was done. (Now that’s a sight I wouldn’t want to see again).

No doubt my teeth was finely cleaned but it didn’t quite meet my expectation. (I had really grand expectations as a first timer), I thought teeth cleaning was gonna change my world – literally. I thought my breathe and everything in between would be totally different but that didn’t happen and that’s okay!

I’m glad I got my teeth cleaned finally thanks to the dental studio team and Doctor Zahar for being patient and kind during the procedure.

For booking with dental studio:

📞0681424040, Zluky 47b, Ternopil, Ukraine.


Like my doctor recommended, make sure to clean your teeth every 6 months.


What was your first dentist appointment like? Please share your experiences with me done below and you can watch mine here: