Sometimes our brain tends to be messy, we have so many things occupy our minds; errands to run, ideas, projects, school work, family, friends, self-care etc.

Our brains get so clustered that we sometimes don’t know where to start from.

And that’s where brain dump comes into play.

You know how you turn your bag upside down while searching for something and dump the contents of the bag on the floor? Well, that’s pretty much what brain dumping is.

You dump the contents of your brain on paper (or digitally) in order to de-clutter your mind. When you’re stressed or have a lot on your mind, brain dumping helps relief the stress because your brain is no longer occupied with different thoughts but the paper is! Isn’t that amazing? From brain to paper.

Now, all you have to do after dumping the contents of your brain on paper is to execute. Read through all you have written down and pick (at that moment) at least 3 things on the list and do them right away.

You’ll find that, sometimes there are things that can take you literally 2 minutes to get done but because you have so much stuff going on in your mind, you think every task is daunting.

Another amazing thing about a brain dump is this: You  don’t have to take any action at that time. Yes! Because getting your mind to relax and easing yourself of your anxieties and worries is good enough.

All you have to do is DUMP and be FREE.



  1. Find a comfortable position.
  2. Get a pen and paper
  3. DUMP.
  4. Execute. (optional)



  1. Reliefs stress and anxiety
  2. Helps de-clutter the brain
  3. Helps to keep you organised
  4. Gives you a great view of the things you need to do
  5. Maximizes productivity
  6. Induces action.



  • arrange my room
  • take out trash
  • edit my last blog post – third paragraph
  • call mum
  • tell my landlady about the broken door
  • text Chamz to remind her about dentist appointment
  • remember to scrub on saturday
  • email clients
  • tell Sandra thank you for the gift
  • subscribe to sommy charles YouTube channel.



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