My mission is to do awesome stuff….

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About Me

I am Sommy a lifestyle blogger/vlogger. I am into self discovery, learning and unlearning. I’m super excited to share my journey through life with you all.  My main aim is to inspire and be inspired.

Blogging is one of the ways I love to inspire people on their journey through life, I started blogging January 2017 about a topic I care deeply about and it’s been a tremendous journey so far. Now, I’ve diversified my blog and share more of the things I care about.

I launched my inspirational jewelry line to give everyone something to keep them going, we all know how tough and uninspiring life could get sometimes, but having someone or something no matter how little it is, can make a huge difference. My jewelry line, blog and every project I take up will be my way of a adding a piece to the puzzle of the world. I want everyone who goes through this site to leave here transformed one way or another.

Feel free to shop some inspirational jewelry, read my blog from time to time, get your daily motivational quotes and stay connected because there’s more to come. serves as a medium for me to share my work, passion projects and everything in between.       

….Mission In Progress